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“Andy Buck is one of the brightest stars
representing the third generation of contemporary
art furniture makers. As a younger maker, and
building on the shoulders of the previous generations,
Wharton Esherick, Sam Maloof, George Nakashima,
and later Wendell Castle, Garry Knox Bennett,
and Alphonse Mattia, Buck continues to open new territory
in his exploration of sculptural form in furniture.

“While each piece is created using traditional furniture
techniques and joinery, and made to be used,
they are also formal, playful, pure, uninhibited delights
to the senses.”

—Don Thomas, John Elder Gallery

“Buck’s work causes one to wonder

exactly what the dividing line is between a table
or a chair and a work of art; and he succeeds in
skewing the definitions so completely that the
question becomes unanswerable.

“In league visually with pattern painting, the
decorative sculptures of Niki de St. Phalle,
and even with the recent colored polka dot paintings
of Damien Hirst, Buck’s work revels in pure,
unadulterated fun that moves both furniture and sculpture
into a new realm.”

—Joyce Korotkyn, NY Arts Magazine